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Crafting informations

    In our server, S-grade craft was nerfed by 70% in basic materials and 85% in Molds, so, crafting gonna be avaliable by doing;

  • 4 Sepulcher: After you finish 4s raid, it spawns Halisha’s Treasure Chests, that chests have chance to drop Codex Piece(Exchange for manuscripts), Armor/Weapon pieces.
    Before you go, make sure that you have one Strong pt, because monsters/raid are edited according to our server rates. After you finish the Raid, it gonna drop 1 Goblet to each member of party. There are 4 goblets in total, after you make 4 waves in different entrances, you gonna be able to buy any s-grade recipe you want or S-grade Enchants. Obs: There is two 4 sepulcher entrances, normal one with lower drop chance and unstable one with higher drop chance.

  • Frintezza: the instance can be done once a week and demands a command channel with at least 27 members, the raid have all his drops boosted, and now drop S-Grade Crafting Pack with good chance and also drops S-Grade itens full.
  • Baium: the Raid Spawns every 5 days in our server, and drops was adjusted in our server and now drops S-grade Crafting Pack, also was added Top A weapons as drop.
  • Antharas: is our most new feature, Antharas was adjusted according to our server and now can be killed, antharas have reasonable chance to drop S-grade itens, also S-grade packs. All other drops was boosted too.